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We provide your best container solution

We offer every type of container equipment for storage and removal of scrap, with pick-up provided by our fleet of trucks — including van trailers, gondola, flat bed, low boy trailers, box trucks, luggers and rolloffs. Our totes and roll offs are also equipped with valves and seals in order to assist our clients in finding an environmentally sound solution to the issue of coolant, and cutting fluid disposal and reclamation.

We’re all about providing you with the best containment, backed by our superior service. Talk to one of your team members and we’ll set-up a program to cover every portion of your manufacturing facility.

55-gallon drums

New, refurbished, wide range of uses.
We sell new/refurbished, red 55-gallon drums that can be used to handle different types of metals and plastics. The drums can also be used as garbage receptacles/bins for forest preserves, parks, beaches and water parks, as well as compost and other household needs. Our services include:
  • Delivery with or without helper
  • Custom stenciling artwork
  • Removal service for damaged/unusable drums/barrels
Discounts available to park districts and companies buying in bulk.

Gaylord boxes

Various sizes and thickness.

We sell stacks of used industrial gaylord boxes ranging in size and thickness — including single, double and triple wall. Gaylord boxes are ideal for storing metals such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum and brass, and different types of plastic. Our services include:

  • Delivery with or without helper
  • Custom stenciling artwork
  • Removal service for damaged/unusable containers

Discounts available to companies buying in bulk.

Metal Tote with Lid

Protects scrap from the elements when stored outside.
Totes are available in a number of sizes, durable, leakproof and easy to move with the attached wheels.

Metal Tote with Fork Channels

Ease of moving container throughout your plant.
Available in various sizes, totes are stackable, leakproof, durable and easy to transport.

Self Dumping Hoppers

Rugged and durable for smaller amounts of scrap.
Available in many sizes to meet your needs. Self dumping to allow for easy trans loading and for material to be packaged for shipment more readily.

Roll Off

Handling your bulk scrap volume needs.

Lugger Boxes

Flexibility for high volume needs
Lugger boxes are a great solution to your bulk material handling since they are smaller than a roll off and typically have a lip for easily dumping scrap into them.
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