Electronics Recycling

+Recycling electronics is a responsible and sound business.   Post consumer electronics are entering the wastestream at unprecedented quantities.  Developing new markets and safe conscientious ways to process and sort consumer electronics is our goal.  It is the new age of recycling and Alpha Metals welcomes the opportunity to serve businesses and consumers as a single source recycler.

Computer scrap contains,  steel, gold, silver and other precious metal content that is mapped into these boards, along with copper sheeting that is bonded with green fiber.

We dismantle computers and other consumer electronics on a daily basis.  All scrap received at Alpha will always be destroyed by bailing, shredding, or sheared.   All hard drives are destroyed and you have our guarantee that absolutely no parts will be sold for re-use or refurbishing.   A certificate of destruction is issued with each pick-up or drop-off.

Accepting and will pick-up complete and incomplete computer tower and computer CRT monitors.

Give us a call at 773.533.3232 or email at info@alphametalsrecycle.com