About Us

Alpha Metals is one of the fastest growing full service non-ferrous scrap metal recyclers in Chicago. Our mission is to redefine the Scrap Metal Industry to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities by being the industry leader in safety and environmental compliance, by building lasting customer relationships, by fostering professional growth for our employees, and by sharing our success with the community.

The Company was founded in 2004, by Edie Comminos under-capitalized; but with years of industry experience, sheer determination and will , Alpha Metals was built to serve there customers needs with each and every pick-up.  Edie is the president.   Alpha Metals provides unparalleled customer service.  Point-of- contact from service to pricing is ONE phone call away.  We currently operate 4 trucks, exclusively to service our industrial customer’s.

We purchase and recycle all types of non-ferrous scrap metal including Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Electronic Scrap, High Temperature Alloys, Steel, and  Precious Metals (Gold, Silver Platininum, Palladium, etc).

All of our operations utilize environmentally sound practices and meet the highest standards in quality control, environmental health and safety management.